Wednesday, November 4, 2009

two summers in one year?! yes please!

So, not to rub it in people’s faces, but the weather here is absolutely gorgeous right now! Unlike the US, which I’m told is rapidly heading toward winter, Argentina is preparing for yet another sweltering summer. It's spring right now, with average temperatures in the 70's and a mix of beautiful sunny days and less fun rainy ones.

Summer in this city should be interesting, for several reasons. First, it gets insanely hot. We’re talking over 100 degrees daily, with temps not cooling down until well after midnight, and then only by a few degrees. This tends to make public transportation, close interactions, and really any kind of movement at all quite difficult and a little bit gross. Think lots of freely sweating Latin men with their arms upraised to hold onto the overhead bars on city buses, conveniently placing their drenched and reeking pit area precisely at face level…I can’t wait! Subte rides and dancing in clubs are already pretty sweaty endeavors, so I can’t even begin to imagine the state of affairs in the middle of the summer! It won’t be pretty. Also, and quite understandably given the afore-mentioned perspiration situation, many people flee the city in a sort of mass exodus during the month of January to take their vacations in less crowded areas such as Mar del Plata, Uruguay, and Brasil. BA becomes a ghost town, I’m told, at least in regard to the locals. Tourists continue to come, looking to escape the northern hemisphere’s winter.

Anyway, that’s what I’m looking forward to in the coming months. I of course won’t be able to leave for the whole month of January (work, what a downer), but I hope I can get out of the city occasionally and hit the beaches! For now, I will enjoy the sun and the manageable temperatures, go shopping for summer clothes and sandals YAY, and laugh when I think about all the Uggs that are appearing across the US of A. Suckassssss

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