Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chocolate Love!!

I am SO HAPPY right now!!

I came home from work (long day as usual followed by a bus ride where not only did I not get a seat, I didn't get a bar to hang on to, so I had to spend the 30 minutes balancing in the aisle with bended knees so that the maniac driver wouldn't throw me to the floor every time he stopped or started, but I digress) and I had a PACKAGE waiting for me!!! I didn't even know I could get packages here! But I can, and that makes me so so happy. The package was from my Aunt and Uncle back in the States (Thanks Sheppards), and it contained a massive box of CANDY. Chocolate candy. Snickers! Twix! Milky Way! M&M! All the best American classics, which you cannot find here at all. I immediately ate one of each, then proceeded to hide them from my roommate who unfortunately has been to the States and so knows how good these candies are and is therefore a liability. So thank you to the Sheppards once again, I really appreciate you thinking of me way down here and all alone! Your gift will be treasured for approximately 3 hours, at which point it will have become but a fond and delicious memory. Chocolate is love, and no one gives love like family!


  1. Hi Amy! Aunt Jan just told us all about your blog. I'm so excited to follow all of your adventures. Good luck with everything and enjoy your second summer! love, Megan

  2. Hey Amy! Sounds like you are having fun! Good luck with everything and hopefully we can see you soon!