Monday, November 9, 2009

subte will not run tuesday nov 10

According to La Nación, piqueteros will once again halt service on all lines of the subte for 24 hours, beginning tomorrow, Tuesday November 10. Subte workers have been protesting heavily since last Thursday, when service was stopped for more than 12 hours, and this morning another complete stoppage was ratified. Metrovías has announced that it will attempt to take the necessary steps to ensure service, but the piqueteros are adamant in their demands. Basically, in a very small and simplified nutshell, subte workers are demanding that their organizations be allowed into the program of cooperatives created by the Kirchners, which would provide more jobs and benefits. Leaders of the relevant groups announced this morning that if lines of communication between the workers and the government are not opened by Wednesday and if steps are not taken toward the incorporation of subte workers, protests will return with more force to the streets and public spaces. It was made clear, however, that this new wave of protests will not include the taking of public buildings. These stoppages disrupt the flow of hundreds of thousands of citizens who normally take the subte and who must now find alternative methods of transport. In other words, if you're going somewhere, leave early, because the buses will be packed! It might also be a good time to get out the walking shoes and avoid the whole mess altogether.

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