Thursday, November 5, 2009

Resto Review: Cilantro

I LOVE eating. Its one of my passions, and I really love trying new places and new foods. One of my main goals while I'm here is to basically eat my way through the city, trying all the key restaurants and all the little secret places until I have to walk through doorways sideways and can no longer see my feet (note, must find gym!). Anyway, I've been to quite a few places in the three months I've been here, so I'll be retro-posting those reviews in the future, but I went to a new place last night so I'll start there.

Last night I went to dinner with my friend Anna to Cilantro, a southeast Asian-style restaurant in Barrio Norte (Anchorena 1122), like 3 blocks from my apartment. Its a nice place, well-designed with interesting giant twirly vine patterns on the walls, reminded me of Dr. Seuss a little bit. They have happy hour until 9:30 with 2 for 1 drinks so we got 2 Fernet and colas for 22 pesos, which is a pretty good deal considering many bars charge 25p plus for just one! For some reason the waitress decided to eat her dinner at the bar before we had even ordered ours, which was a little annoying because she took her good sweet time and I was starving. I felt bad about interrupting her while she was eating, ironically, so we just waited and eventually she came and took our order. I got pesto penne, and Anna ordered sushi, which I got to try for the first time! The pesto pasta was FANTASTIC, capital letters required! I highly recommend it: the sauce was light and not too basil-y, but tasted exactly like pesto should. There were whole peanuts and a little hint of mint as well, and the whole thing was just heaven. And it was only 22 pesos, for a good sized portion, not too massive but not one of those snobby dishes that come out with like 3 noodles artfully arranged on a tiny leaf. Anna said her sushi was weird...I tried it and it tasted good to me, but I'm a sushi amateur so I wouldn't know. She got 10 pieces of Salmon Roll for 17 pesos. I also saw some other dishes come out that looked good: our table neighbors ordered alitas (wings) in some kind of sauce and a Thai noodle dish, both of which looked delicious as well. And the drinks! I kept seeing people with these tall glasses of something but sadly didn't have the dinero to try one.

In summary: get the pesto! It was that scrumptious. There were also a lot of sushi choices on the menu, and the drink list was quite extensive, so I would recommend trying one of their special drinks, because they looked amazing. The prices were very reasonable for the quality and quantity, nothing really exceeded 30 pesos and the portions were good-sized. Here is the review on GuiaOleo, just to compare my experience with others:

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  1. Yum, that place sounds fantastic. I will definitely have to try it out. I look forward to reading more reviews! In the meantime, my favorite hole-in-the-wall is called Inka. It's Peruvian on Bartolome Mitre 2022 in Congreso, pretty cheap, and everything is delicious. I recommend drinking chicha with anything you order. Also, really cheap lunch specials.