Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Temazo Tuesday

It's been a while since I posted a Temazo Tuesday...sometimes life just gets in the way of things, I suppose. But now its back, so no worries!

On another note, I can't believe how fast summer turned into fall here. It's March 16 (aka St Paddy's Day Eve) which is the equivalent to September 16 in the States, given the upside-down and backwardness of the southern hemisphere seasons. Definitely fall. Well, not technically. But whatever. Semantics. I feel like something in the air has changed, and its gone from oppressively hot and muggy/buggy to crisp and kind of windy. I'm sure there will still be warm days, but we've turned a corner for sure. I've brought out the cold-weather standbys: moccasin slippers, incredibly hole-y Delaware sweatpants and hoody, extra comforter on the bed, and giant socks.

Hot tea is now the breakfast of choice in the mornings, as opposed to iced coffee. I hate to say it, but I've definitely picked up the Argentine habit of not eating breakfast. Most people here either have coffee or mate in the morning with a few cookies (galletitas) or crackers, and that's it. None of that pancake/eggs/hashbrowns/sausage/waffles/cereal/toast/poptart nonsense! Denny's would not do well here in A-tina.

Anyway, today's temazo has nothing to do with the weather. Or breakfast. I just ramble sometimes. Today's temazo is a song by Celso PiƱa, a Mexican singer and and accordionist. According to Wikipedia, the source of all knowledge, he taught himself how to play the accordion and used to give "serenatas en el barrio a todas las chicas de la cuadra." Translation: he used to give serenades in the hood to all the girls on the block (Jenny on the Block?). Interesting.

His music is a mix of cumbia, Caribbean, sonidero, and a whole bunch of other stuff, and I like it. I've been listening to this one since I discovered it on my iTunes (I have no idea where half the music on that thing comes from...most of the time it's just a big grab-bag of crap, but sometimes I find some real gems). My cat also liked this song--I used to hold him like a baby and bounce him up and down while singing it. It's called El Tren (Mr. Cumbia Man) and features a fascinating rapper (?) called Blanquito Man. The video is quite amusing--Blanquito Man has some sick moves--so enjoy!

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