Tuesday, March 30, 2010


 Sad faces :(

Change is in the air. Today at the butt crack of dawn, my roommate Eli left for the airport to catch her flight back to the States, never to return to Argentina (at least for the foreseeable future). After a lovely night of ñoccis (stuffed and unstuffed) and good company that ended at about 3 am, I napped for an hour while Eli finished up packing. Then, after saying a tearful goodbye, I went back to bed, alone in the apartment once more.

I will miss Eli dearly, but will refrain from excessive sentimentality here, just because that's how I am. It started out as a blogship, and then when she moved in we became real friends. Eli and I had some amazing times together, and even in the more difficult and stressful times (Traguito's death, house guests both human and insect, muggings, financial crises), I knew I could count on her. Best thing to come out of this blog, by far!

As I was watching Eli pack, I realized just how much I don't want to have to leave this country, at least for a long while. I have so much of myself invested in Argentina now (except actual financial investments, money being a little on the low side) that I can't even imagine packing up all my stuff and heading home. Maybe the time will come when I will want to leave, but it ain't today!

Anyway, in terms of change, I'm in the process of working out a new roommate situation, but we'll see what happens with that over the next week or so. I've also rearranged my bedroom furniture and turned the bed around (maybe it will confuse the fleas!!) Oh! And I bought a new shower curtain. It's rad.

This was quite the random post, and I do apologize. I'm a bit tired considering I didn't sleep last night, so I can't quite keep a train of thought going. Might be time for a nap. More to come later, including How to Get a Certificado de Domicilio, and a review of closed door restaurants here in BA.

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  1. Thank you dearest! I only cried on the sidewalk and then again as we touched down in NYC and I realized that not only am I back, but probably back for good. I imagine it's part of what freaks people out about marriage - you know it's what you want but it also involves giving up other things you want or love. Although my cab driver was from central America so I at least got to speak Spanish as a way to gently transition back to life here. Now I'm alone in my friend's apartment in Brooklyn, slept 12 hours last night and might take a nap. I've already eaten most of a pizza and will have Asian food for dinner. Transition to me = eat everything. I LOVE YOU. Keep me updated on the fleas and I want to see a picture of your new room arrangement! xoxoxox