Monday, May 10, 2010

No Hot Water But It's OK, I'm Good at Bowling

Today I celebrate my 6th day without hot water. Apparently the thermo-tank thing in my apartment building broke, and we have yet to find/install a replacement. Which, considering that this is Argentina, could take another three weeks. I've been showering like they did in the olden days, heating water on the stove and then washing one part at a's surprisingly effective but takes FOREVER to heat up the water, hence showers have been few and far between (overshare? maybe). Now I know why people used to bathe only once or twice a month...they just couldn't be bothered.

Also in the line of updates, I have a sprained ankle. Some large Australian who thought we were playing rugby instead of soccer tackled me a week ago and destroyed my ankle. It was puffy and blue for days, and is only just beginning to get better. I'll probably have to skip another week of soccer before I can play again, bloody Australians...

Other than these two minor issues, life is good! I had a submarino this past weekend, which I had been dying to try...chocolate bar melted into hot milk = YUM. Also, I went to this place called Acatraz in Almagro with the boyfriend and some soccer people on Saturday night, which was lots of fun. It's kind of like a giant sports bar, with food and drinks and table games like pool and foosbal. Plus, they had bowling!

 Boyfriend posing...

Don't ask about the hand gestures...I have no idea.


Bowling fashionably (check the boots!)

For some strange reason, I'm actually pretty good at bowling. I don't know how or why, considering my arm strength is about nil and my hand-eye coordination isn't top-notch. One of life's mysteries. On the plus side, I did learn how the scoring works. I was always confused about it, but knew that there had to be some kind of logic behind the random numbers that appeared sometimes. The key is that every time you bowl a spare, the first bowl of your next turn counts double. And when you bowl a strike, both bowls of your next turn count double. I think.

Anyway, that's my life at the moment. Weather is getting colder day by day, so tomorrow I'm going shopping for a new coat. I'm waiting to hear back from a job offer before I buy my ticket home to the States for my visit in early July. I need a haircut. And that's about it! Isn't my life wonderfully thrilling. Hopefully I'll be doing some fun stuff soon...the only problem with doing things is that it requires money, which I don't have a lot of at the moment. Oh well. Positive thoughts!

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