Thursday, October 21, 2010

Update: Where did spring go?!

It's hot! Or maybe I just sweat more than most people. But either way, the weather in BA has been more than spring-like lately. Not that I'm complaining...I'll always take hot over cold! It's been a while since the last post, so here's a brief update of my life, for all four of you who still read this sporadic, hopefully not soporific, site of mine.

For the long weekend of my birthday (October 12, which is Colombus Day in the States but the Dia de la Raza here and a much bigger deal, hence the holiday) I went away with the BF to a charming little town called Chascomús. It's located about 2.5 hours south of BA, and is on the shore of a lake. It's absolutely beautiful and it's a great place to go and relax and be outside and enjoy the company of someone you...enjoy. Redundancy is my forte.
Happy and relaxed in Chascomus! :)

Along the costanera

Never ridden a bike so much in my life...

Picnic by the lake!

Lovely sunset, no?

I won't go into details, but it was a perfect weekend filled with sunshine, laziness, bike riding, exploring, eating, laziness, and more eating. Exactly what I needed after a rather hectic first month at my first real, long-term (hopefully!) professional job...and apparently it only gets worse as we go into the high season, so don't hold your breath waiting for more posts people!

Said job is going very well, and I'm really having fun. I really like all the people I work with, which is so important (as I've found out the hard way at previous jobs), and I'm never bored. Big difference from my life before!

In BA news, the garbagemen are currently on strike, meaning large piles of trash have been accumulating on every street corner for the past four days. I can only say I'm glad it's not the middle of summer, when the heat would have made the city a rubbish-flavored sauna. The starting rate of taxis has gone up again as well, which I noticed when we took a taxi about 15 blocks and paid about 15 pesos...absurd! When I first got here the ticker started at 3.50 when you got in a taxi, then a few months ago it rose to about 4.60. Now it's up again to 5.something. So that's 5 pesos for just placing your ass on the seat of a taxi. Inflation's a bitch.

Mmm what else? Soccer is fun again, after a brief period where everyone just seemed to be all pissy at each other (or maybe it was just me), and the sweaty season has returned, much to the joy of everyone. Oh, and I accidentally overstayed my visa this time...oops! I just didn't have any time to go to the Migrations office, and the last weekend that I had free I went to Chascomus--no way was I giving up my glorious weekend away for a day at Migraciones, ni en pedo! So hopefully they don't deport me...I guess I just have to pay a fine the next time I leave the country, although god knows when that will be. Probably next summer when I can afford a visit home again.

Anywho, that's my update. Hope you enjoyed it! See you next time I get a breather.

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