Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Temazo Tuesday

Ay, I almost forgot again! I've been busy doing some work online and dealing with two cats in the apartment (I'm watching one for my friend), and almost forgot to post a temazo, horror of horrors. Anyway, today's temazo is going to be a song by an Argentine band called Los Autenticos Decadentes, English translation = the Decadant Authentic Ones. The band formed in the late 80's and plays a mix of ska and various other types of music. There are about 10 or 12 people in the band, and many of their songs are absolute classics here in Argentina. The topics of their temas are often amusing or silly, including the one I'm posting today.

The title is "Los Piratas," a term used to refer to men who go out at night and troll for loose women (gatos) in cabarets and strip joints. It's kind of a party anthem, and is also pretty hysterical if you watch the video...think Saturday Night Fever meets Vegas. But Latin. And 80's. Ridiculous.

The other day a good Argentine friend of mine threatened to abuse me physically if I didn't stop singing this song, so I get the impression that not everyone enjoys Los Autenticos Decadentes. But I do, so HA. "Despues del cabaret, nos vamos para el sauna!!!" Ahi va.


  1. Just to confirm Amy´s statement. Every self respected straight argentinian guy considers this song "Los Piratas" an anthom. You play this song in any bar, night club, pub or party and automatically all guys there (except the ones accompanied by their girlfriends)will go nuts !
    -Juan Z

  2. Los Autenticos Decadentes: Translation is really "The Authentic Decadent Ones"

  3. If you got the "Autenticos Decadentes" bug, you need to hear "El Murguero".

    Then go Bersuit all the way.